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    NHU Won the First Prize of Zhejiang Provincial Award for Technological Invention


    Recently, the 2020 Science and Technology Award Conference of Zhejiang Province was held at the Great Hall of the People of Zhejiang Province. The project of "Key Technological Innovation and Industrialization of the Micro-Nano Structure Control of Supported Catalyst" jointly developed by NHU and Zhejiang University won the First Prize of Zhejiang Provincial Award for Technological Invention. This is a renewal of the honor we received in 2017.

     The project was jointly developed by NHU and Zhejiang University after over ten years of unremitting exploration. Led by Mr. Wang Yong, Deputy Chief Engineer of NHU, the project team successfully broke through the technical bottleneck and developed a series of high-performance hydrogenation catalysts with independent intellectual property rights, addressing the challenge of specific micro-nano structures of catalysts needed for multiple types of hydrogenation reactions. The promotion and application of the project will help cultivate an industrial cluster of vitamins and aroma chemicals with a complete industrial chain featuring leading technologies. This will significantly contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the national fine chemical industry and its scientific and technological progress.

    Honored by this award, NHU will continue to stay on the main course with an open mind in cooperation with partners and coordination with internal force on the basis of prospective studies, industrialization studies, and studies on the applied technologies in the realm of chemical synthesis and biotechnology. We will give full play to the role of scientific and technological innovation in supporting and leading the economic and industrial development, actively contribute to the high-quality development of the chemical industry and create lasting value for it.

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