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    Actions on Climate Change

    NHU is committed to comprehensive material solutions and one-stop customer service in key areas such as new energy, transportation, intelligent communications, and industrial manufacturing. We develop lighter and safer automotive materials with better performance to effectively assist the light-weighting and emission reduction of cars, contributing to the “carbon peak” and “carbon neutralization” action.

    Smog in the air can cause damage to human respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Industrial waste gas contains a high level of PM2.5, which is the biggest source of smog. Therefore, the quality of industrial dust bag for environmental protection directly affects the result of air treatment. We have developed 1.11 and 0.89 dtex polyphenylene sulfide ultra-fine fibers, which increases the filtration efficiency of the dust bag to over 99.995%. It further reduces the outlet concentration of industrial flue gas, contributing to clearer sky and fresher air. 

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